Interview with Virginia Correo Rodriguez from More than Conquerors by Kathi Macias

More than Conquerors

Q. Virginia, when we first meet you in More than Conquerors, you are living near a little village in Southern Mexico called San Juan Chamula. Is that your original home?

A: Oh, not at all! My home is in Tijuana, where I grew up, married, and raised my children. Though my husband left me when the children were young, I stayed on in Tijuana, and that’s where my grown children and my grandchildren now live.

Q: Then how did you end up in such a remote part of the country? Isn’t San Juan Chamula considered Mayan country?

A: It certainly is. In fact, Evangelicos like me are not very welcome there. But God planted me in Chamula with a poor but loving family who took me in and allowed me to stay with them in their tiny little home. I have only a corner in the main room where I sleep and store my few belongings, but I’m happy and content there because I know I’m where I’m supposed to be.

Q: But don’t you miss your family back in Tijuana? At sixty-three, you should be bouncing your grandchildren on your lap and enjoying the fellowship of your family, shouldn’t you?

A: I would love that, of course, and there are times I miss all that terribly. But our commitment to God must always come first, even ahead of our love for our families. When my children were young, I stayed home to care for them, and by God’s grace I was blessed to see them grow into strong believers with godly families of their own. But now God has called me elsewhere, and whatever hardships that call might include, I must go.

Q: Would you do any of it differently if you had the chance?

A: No. Being in the center of God’s perfect will is the greatest joy we can ever experience in this life. Nothing else compares.

Q: But aren’t you afraid?

A: When I sense fear trying to take hold of me, I concentrate on God’s great love for me. It is that perfect love that drives out all fear. I know I am safe in the nail-scarred palm of His hand—no matter what happens.


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  1. Thanks for hosting Kathi today. I’ve read the first book in this series and can’t wait to read this one.


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