Sky Girl and the Superheroic Legacy by Joe Sergi

Joe Sergi is an author that lives outside of Washington, DC with his wife, Yee, and daughter, Elizabeth. He has published short prose stories and articles in the horror, science fiction, and super hero genres.

Joe has also written for comics in the romance, horror, science fiction, and super hero genres. Sky Girl and the Superheroic Legacy is his first novel. In 2008, Joe was selected as a semi-finalist in the Who Wants to Create a Superheroine contest sponsored by the Shadowline Imprint of Image Comics. When not writing, Joe works for an unnamed government agency.

Joe’s publications can be found at For more about Sky Girl and the Superheroic Legacy, visit the book’s website at

About Sky Girl and the Superheroic Legacy

Sky GirlDeDe Christopher is an average high school sophomore with dreams of winning the National Gymnastic Tournament and dating the school quarterback. But her world changes when DeDe begins to develop fantastic abilities that are strangely similar to those of a fictional comic book superhero named SkyBoy.

With the help of her best friend, Jason, a self-proclaimed comic geek, DeDe begins a quest to discover her true destiny as she confronts the all-too-real enemies and allies of SkyBoy. She must deal with capes, apes, and aliens to find a way to live up to a legacy that no one can remember and become Sky Girl.

Read the Reviews!

“Joe Sergi is a fantastic writer who knows the world of comics inside and out. With Sky Girl, he’s brought his talent and passion together to create an amazing tale.”
–Fred Kim, Writer

“Joe has crafted a story of self-discovery that everyone should read – young, old or somewhere in the middle. ‘Sky Girl’ has the potential to become a ‘Harry Potter’ of the super-hero scene.”
–Mike Imboden, Creator and Writer of Digital Webbing’s Fist of Justice.

“Joe Sergi’s Sky Girlis a thrill-a-minute read that is sure to please both male and female readers alike. His characters virtually spring to life from the pages and feel much like a comic book in novel form.”
–Steve Younis, Superman Homepage,

“Skygirl is full of witty humor and dialogue. It is for books, what the “The Incredibles” is for hero cartoons.”
– Erin Ashwell, Middle Grade Fiction Writer

“It was quite refreshing to see that Sky Girl not only presented a fun story, but also had a strong female lead character. My students could learn a lot from DeDe Christopher; she is smart, funny, and not afraid to act responsibly.”
–Erin Woods, Teacher

“Sky Girl is the perfect read for the young and young at heart. Joe Sergi has created a wonderfully fantastic world. By page two, you’ll be hooked. Sky Girl is on par with Neil Gaiman’s Interworld. I dare you not to fall in love with this book.”
–Brian Carr, Resolution Comics,

“Teenage life, super-heroics, action, suspense, intrigue. And evil gorillas! Sky Girl truly has it all.”
–Nick Ahlhelm, Writer/Editor,,

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