Q&A with Sky Girl from Sky Girl and the Superheroic Legacy by Joe Sergi

QUESTION: My name is Joe Sergi and I am the author of Sky Girl and the Superheroic Legacy. I have with me Deirdre Christopher, star of the new novel Sky Girl and the Superheroic Legacy. Thank you for joining us.

DEDE: Hi, thanks for having me.

QUESTION: Deirdre . . .

DEDE: it’s Dede.

QUESTION: Okay, DeDe. You have someone with you today?

DEDE: Yeah, this is my best friend Jason.


DEDE: He promised he won’t talk. But, I know that he will.

QUESTION: Wow! That was quite a look you gave him, DeDe.

DEDE: It’s okay. We’ve known each other for ever. We’ve been neighbors our whole life. Mostpeople are confused by our relationship since I’m athletic and outgoing and Jason is . . . well, I mean, look at his shirt. It says “I’m bananas for Commander Chimp” for gosh sake. Jason is kind of a comic dork.

JASON: Excuse me, I prefer the word geek. It is not as denigrating. Someone wise once said, “A nerd is someone who is very intelligent, a geek is someone who is very knowledgeable, and a dork is someone who argues the difference.”

DEDE: And, that’s why he‘s not allowed to talk. (Giggles).

QUESTION: Thank you for that. So, Sky Girl takes place in Colonia, New Jersey. I’m originally from Colonia, as well. What can you tell me about the town?

DEDE: Really not much to say, Jason and I live on Hartland Court and go to the Debole Academy, up the road, in Edison. My dance studio is on Inman Avenue.

JASON: Her studio is right across the street from the Henry Inman Library. I have always admired their collection of young adult science fiction. I hang out there while DeDe goes to class. Are they going to carry your book, Mr. Sergi?

DEDE: Remember that thing I said about not talking. Well, you’re talking.

JASON: Oops, sorry.

QUESTION: That’s okay. I hope they carry my book since it takes place in the town. Maybe you should suggest it to them.

DEDE: (giggles) I think he just did.

QUESTION: Ah yes, thank you. What can you tell me about SkyBoy?

DEDE: I’m not really sure I know how to answer that. Uhm, there are SkyBoy books and movies. In fact, I use the theme song from the first movie in one of my dance numbers. I’m sure Jason can explain . . .

JASON: Donald Davis, an obvious pseudonym, created SkyBoy. Let me see, SkyBoy debuted in November of 2001 in issue 56 of Powerful Tales. In that story, strange aliens gave a teenage boy special abilities far beyond normal mortals and charged him with the protection of mankind. One month later, SkyBoy had his own book.

After a while, Donald Davis mysteriously disappeared and others took over. Rumor has it that they are still working off a bunch of his original scripts, which he delivered before he vanished. SkyBoy currently stars in five monthly books, not including being a member of several super teams. SkyBoy is considered the hero of the new age. His unwavering morals and incredible powers helped to make SkyBoy a success.

The character is currently appearing on TV, in movies, newspapers, video games, and comics. He also has an established rogue’s gallery that includes, among others, Professor Z and Evil Brain, who are both in this book, an evil clone named Yksyob, Gremlin, Donna Dominion, Shadow and Commander Chimp. SkyBoy and his catchphrase of “Good Golly” has become an American institution. His molecule symbol is one of the most recognizable in the world.

DEDE: “Good golly?” Seriously, who talks like that? And why would aliens give away the power when they could use it themselves? And why pick a teenager? It’s just silly. See, like a said, Jason’s a “Dork.”

JASON: Geek!

DEDE: Dork!

JASON: Geek!

QUESTION: So, what are SkyBoy’s powers?

DEDE: So, now you ‘re quiet. Tell the man.

JASON: There seems no limit to his powers. He can fly. He has SkyVision and SkyHearing. He is really strong. He is nigh invulnerable. He can turn invisible. He can make psychic nets. Some speculate that SkyBoy has some sort of latent telepathic power because of his ability to . . .


JASON: Pretty much, SkyBoy could do anything the writers wanted. He even gave a SkyMassage once to relax Princess Dominion and make her forget that they were married.

DEDE: See what I mean? A sky massage? Gee, that’s not too sexist.

QUESTION: What about Sky Girl, does she have any powers?

DEDE: Who?

JASON: There is no Sky Girl. His girlfriend, Dianne, once drank a magic potion and got powers, but she became SkyLass.

QUESTION: It’s okay, guys. I know DeDe is Sky Girl.

JASON: Yeah right. DeDe is a superhero. That is ridiculous.

DEDE: Hey!

JASON: I mean she would . . uhm . . make a great superhero but . . .

QUESTION: I really do know.

JASON: Well, assuming there is a Sky Girl, I would guess she would have the same powers of Skyboy.

DEDE: Good answer.

QUESTION: Some people have complained that Sky Girl is just a Supergirl clone? What do you have to say about that?

JASON: I think those people do not know DeDe or Sky Girl. Sure both heroines wear capes, tights and a skirt. But, that is where the similarities end. Supergirl is pretty much a girl Superman. They have basically the same origin and motivation and never doubt or question what is right. It is probably why she has had so many series over the years and her characterization has been so inconsistent. People do not really know how to write her. Sky Girl’s motivation is very different than SkyBoy, and she certainly does things her own way and has her own distinct personality.

QUESTION: So what you are saying is that Sky Girl fits the superheroine archetype, but is atypical of the superheroine stereotype?

JASON: Exactly.

DEDE: I don’t . . .

JASON: You do not agree?

DEDE: Actually, I don’t understand anything either of you just said.

QUESTION: Sorry, DeDe. I’m a geek, too. I just have one more . . .

DEDE: Uhm, sorry to interrupt, Mr. Sergi. But, I think I lost my contact and Jason and I need to go.

JASON: Ah yes. We better go . . .look for that lens. I will take your backpack.

QUESTION: I understand completely. Thank you for your time. Good luck with that contact lens.

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