Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lucy Springer from Lucy Springer Gets Even by Lisa Heidke

1. Lucy Springer’s shy and this sometimes comes across as stand-offishness. Even though she pretends not to care, Lucy worries about what other people think of her which is why she is so upset when the mothers at the school find out that Max has left her.

2. Lucy adores her mother and has been seeking her approval ever since her mum entered in a talent contest when she was seven years old. She gets upset that her mum only thinks of her as ‘that mother in the broccoli commercial.’ Lucy is so much more than a vegetable actress.

3. If acting hadn’t have taken off, Lucy would have loved to have been an interior designer. Cushions, rugs, furnishings, it’s all tactile and appealing. Lucy would have loved to have pursued that interest – either that or become a famous pop star ala Madonna. Truth be told, Lucy is just a little jealous of Ms Ciccone.

4. Lucy is scared for her daughter, Bella because Bella reminds Lucy so much like herself when she was Bella’s age. It makes Lucy wonder if she is becoming a clone of her mother – and that, seriously, would drive her to drink – more than she already does. Lucy has tried hard to be a different mother than her own. She wouldn’t say better – okay, she would say better, and it terrifies her to think that she is turning into her own mother.

5. When Lucy was young and living in inner-city Sydney, she thought Dom was the love of her life and that she’d end up with him. It took her a long time…many years to realise that dreams often don’t come true. As heart breaking as that is, Lucy feels her own children need to know that real life is not a fairy tale. Having said that, there is plenty of time for all of Lucy’s dreams to come true because she secretly believes that the best years are ahead of her, despite the wrinkles, the extra kilos and her (occasional) cranky disposition.


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