Five Things You Didn’t Know About Nia from Liberation: Book One of the Andrusian Chronicles by Maria Lucia

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Nia

*Nia is an Onaweyan [Ó nuh wāy uhns] and has a twin brother named Casey.

*She is from a sector of love worlds in our galaxy called Andrusia [ahn droo shuh] that is very far from Earth. Societies live in peace and harmony there and all of creation holds a captivating beaut y.

*She is a dimensional traveler and is able to almost surpass the speed of light when she is on a mission. She is known throughout Andrusia as a champion. Nia is a messenger and comes from the Seraphim order. Her wings are translucent and ripple like water. They go up and down her back like a crystal clear gentle waterfall. She is the most amazing being and looks like a child with her long wavy brown hair though she is not.

*She would appear to be no more than nine years old. But Nia is an elder in her world and has come to Earth as part of and Andrusian strike team created to help unveil an evil supernatural syndicate that’s holding humanity captive in our current times.

*Passionate beyond words about her mission, Nia stays in spirit form much of the first thirty years of her time on Earth. She stays close to Amora Madre, the story’s leading character, and becomes an invisible playmate to her as a child. They play much of their time together at first and during this time Nia becomes quite attached to turtles and animals and the natural world.

*She especially loves turtles and picks them up and brings them home all of the time. But Nia has seen and knows many things. She awaits the secret call to action many nights while Amora sleeps. Nia hardly ever sleeps.



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