Vasco, Simone and Lucien Terenzio from Synarchy Book 2: The Ascension

I created them, yet I can’t help but feel intimated. While they might have spawned in my mind as an idea, the more I wrote, the more they took over and breathed life into themselves. You could say no one knows these three better than I do, except maybe each other.

I took another large swallow from my café au lait watching Vasco, Lucien, and Simone Terenzio walk into the Café Du Monde. It doesn’t take long for Vasco’s sharp gray eyes to lock onto mine. I can’t read him, though the slight curve to the corner of his mouth is a telltale sign of his amusement. Most likely at my clear nervousness. He motions to his siblings and they come towards me. Simone is smiling. Lucien has a cocky grin on his face. Vasco waits for Simone to sit, then does so with Lucien.

Folding his hands comfortably on the table top Vasco pierces me with that stare again. “What do you want to ask us that you don’t already know?”

Right to the point. Typical Vasco. I pull out my tape recorder, hit the red button, and set it down on the table between us. “I’m taking your story on tour,” I tell him. “And I need to know five things the reader doesn’t know about each of you.”

“Slapping Olivia was a great moment in my life, reincarnation is awesome, I think my fight with Amadeo should have been longer and more dramatic, I am the best looking Terenzio, and I cried every day, for two weeks straight when my father died.” Lucien answers first.

Simone quirks a brow at her brother. I can only describe the expression on her face as half amused, half sympathetic. “You loved dad that much?”

Lucien gave her a sideways glance and nodded. “Yeah, I did.”

Simone was silent for a few seconds after that, probably digesting information even she didn’t know about her brother, before she looks at me. “How the readers think Liliana Terenzio ended isn’t true, I have a fear of flying, I have the urge to shoot you DCS, for the way you ended my story, I don’t trust the DeMarco’s nearly as much as Xavier does, and I’m pregnant.”

Lucien looks surprised by this news. Vasco doesn’t. I’m more focused on the fact that Simone just told me she wanted to shoot me, though I can’t blame her. I’m hoping though, she came to this meeting unarmed, otherwise Books 3, 4, and 5 might not get told.

Vasco hasn’t taken his eyes off me yet. I’m trying not to squirm, I’m too cool for that. Sort of. Not really.

“Your readers don’t want to know about me,” Vasco says finally. “They want to know about Stefano. And for that, they’ll have to wait for you and Book 3, is it?”

It’s my turn to regard him. I don’t expect to be able to break his poker face, it’s more me revelling in the moment of being face to face with him. At length, I nod. “Okay. Thanks, all of you for coming down here to do this.”

“You’re the boss right?” Lucien winks at me as all three of them stand up. They don’t so much as say good-bye before they walk away. I suppose they know there’s no need. I know where they live after all.


DCS was born in Alexandria, Virginia. She graduated high school in Huntersville, NC and attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte intent on earning a degree in Political Science and becoming a lawyer.

She instead eventually turned to writing. DCS is currently attending the American Institute of Holistic Theology to earn her PhD in Metaphysical Spirituality.

You can also hear her live every Saturday evening on BlogTalkRadio’s In the Mind of DCS. Show starts at 7pm Central Standard Time.

Synarchy Book 2: The Ascension is her second novel, and four more are scheduled for release.

Synarchy Book 3: SVT and Synarchy Book 4: The Black Widow are the next in the series due out in 2011.


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