Interview with Professor Zalomo from Another World by Phillip Stott

Hello Professor, I’m from the “Salem Dispatch”, and I’m hoping you will share a few thoughts with our readers.

Certainly, It’s a pleasure.

Professor, on the way here I overheard some mag-sled guards say you are the cleverest man in the world. Would you like to comment on that.

I’ve had a five-century-long career which produced some useful ideas and inventions. The global location system, the mag-drive and a few others caught the public’s interest and made me well-known. But many other scientists have made brilliant discoveries. Think of the mega-chip, the tele-messager, the ultra-wave furnace for example. Some really bright youngsters are on their way up too. Dr. Beno is nearly ready to launch satellites into orbit with a linear induction mag-drive. A team in Zohan has almost perfected a waste-free neutron reactor. When their work catches the media’s attention people will soon realise that I’m only one among many.

Professor, I’m sure you are aware that Salem is full of rumours about your latest discovery. Is it true that you found a new planet the very first time you tested your latest telescope?

I’ve written a full report in the astronomical journal, which will be out tomorrow. But the rumour is indeed true. We found a small planet which we think may be even further away than Neptune.

Professor Zalomo, many people are sceptical about the value of astronomy. Besides just plain curiosity, why do you spend time and effort studying the skies.

Curiosity is the driving force, but there are valuable spin-offs. The world navigation system depends on astronomy. And we can track unusual objects which might be on a collision course with Earth. The sooner we know about such a body the more likely we are to be able to do something about it

Professor, I’m sure you’ve noticed widespread concern about the floating forests. They seem to be proliferating out of control. Do you have anything to say about that?

The forests certainly are a cause for concern. They already cover well over half of the ocean. Shipping is badly affected, and the fishing industry is starting to suffer too. I plan to get involved after my current project is wrapped up.

And what is your current project?

Harnessing bio-energy. Particularly the power of the biggest animals. Did you know that one strike of a bronto’s tail could fully recharge four mag-sleds? I’m working on a device which will catch their attention and make them want to smash it. It has to be very strong and flexible of course. A mechanism attached to the striker plate drives a generator.

That sounds very interesting, but we do have other energy sources. Wouldn’t it be more useful if you turned your attention to the sky-rocketing crime problem. Shouldn’t you look into security devices against thieves and murderers?

There is a flaw in that whole idea. A lock is a mechanical answer to a moral problem, it can never be a real solution. It may tell a reasonably honest person he is not supposed to enter, but to a criminal it only says he will have to break a window instead of going through the door. There is just one way to solve the problem of an immoral society, and that is to change its hearts and minds.

Well, Professsor, I hadn’t intended to mention your stupid, old-fashioned religious ideas, but since you’ve brought them up … many people, in fact almost all of us, are fed up with those who openly take a religious stand. Many are saying you should keep your views to yourself and stop speaking out against fornication, adultery, homosexuality, abortion and prostitution and just come up with solutions to the real problems in our society – murder, theft, drug peddling and such things.

If a man cannot be faithful to the woman he married he will not be faithful in anything at all. It’s because our families are not passionately devoted to honesty, faithfulness and sound moral principles that every kind of rottenness has spread through the whole of our society.

Ugh. … Thank you Professor, do you have anything to close the interview, preferably on a more hopeful note.

Why yes, I’m full of hope! God is in control and He will only allow us to go so far from the right track before He steps in and makes a correction. I suspect that a correction is not far away.


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