Five Things You Didn’t Know About Grandpa from The Traveler by Suthep Srikureja

Grandpa is an ancient being and has been alive for thousands of years. Nobody knows where he lives but he always appears every evening at the same place on the beach to tell stories to anyone who will listen. Most of the members of his audience are children and it is rumored among them that Grandpa is a actually a wizard who is able to harness the elements of nature and perform fantastic feats. Grandpa however, tells people that he is simply a Storyteller and his tales are meant to inspire peace and love throughout the world.

His stories have always been able to move people into action and he has been the key to many a period of peace and prosperity throughout history. Among his listeners have been royals and aristocrats, farmers and warriors, paupers and merchants.

He has a Staff that glows with the help of the moon and bathes his audience in a silvery light. The light has no magical properties but Grandpa loves to see the wonder and amazement on the faces of his listeners. It also helps to light the way home when his story telling is done.

Grandpa does not plan his stories. He makes them up on the spot when everyone is seated and comfortable. Often times, as in The Traveler, he agrees to the request of his audience. It is believed that he gets his inspiration from the patterns of the stars.

He has no plans of retirement so do look for him the next time you go the beach.


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