Coming in 2011

Hello everyone! It’s The Author, here. I’ve finally given Rose the day off to go pamper herself.

Not that she knows how to pamper herself, but I’m sure she is at least catching up on her rest.

I wanted to let you know about things that are coming up for next year.

First, for the end of this year, you will see:

*A clean up of the pages
*Everything linked and links stored on appropriate pages
*A general update/sprucing up thing

For 2011, I’m very excited to be adding these features:

*Amateur Night – Interview characters from books that aren’t published yet (you don’t have to be a published author, either)
*Giveaways! – I am planning on running giveaways here on The Plot because what would be more fun than winning the books these characters came to life in?

If you have any suggestions for features you would like to see here and/or want to get in on Amateur Night, please contact me.


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