Dr. Elizabeth Soren & Tobie Sinclair from Clock Work by Erin Bassett

Annual Factory Interview
Rescheduled: 3  times due to subject’s nonappearance
Conductor: Dr. Elizabeth Soren

Subject: Tobie Sinclair
Class: Alt
Partner: Holon Huges (tent)

Transcribed by: Emile Torez

Additional: With added information from the notes of Dr. Soren.

Note: Subject enters the interview and evaluation chambers; escorted by two lower level security guards. I have to wonder if he was fetched or came on his own this time. The latter is unlikely. He sits in the medical chair and rolls his sleeves for the bio-response sensors.

Dr. Soren: Good evening, Tobie. How are you?

Note: I receive a glare.

Tobie: Can we just get on with it?

Dr. Soren: If you like.

Note:  I will receive more inappropriate levels of agitation if I push for polite banter, I move onto the interview and hope the repetition of the questions will let me get a good base reading on his physical responses.

After Subject is hooked in for physical evaluation the security guards wait by the door. The Subject watches them carefully until they are out of his sight.

Dr. Soren: Please state, to the best of your knowledge, all pertinent biographical information. Start with–

Note: The Subject interrupts and hurries into the list with a certain amount of annoyed drone. He knows the drill well. I don’t even have to ask the questions.

Tobie: Tobie Oliver Sinclair

Born: September 15

American Mutt

Current Residence: Clark student apartments at the private High School: Westin Academy

Dr. Soren: Thank you. You can stop there.

Note: After checking the base curve on the computer I take a moment to refer to my file. I can see the subject tapping his foot out of the corner of my eye.

Dr. Soren: Alright Tobie. Tell me about Holon.

Note: The heart rate curve jumps as his head jerks up. I have his full attention, though in a flash it reverts back to false nonchalance.

Tobie: What about him?

Dr. Soren: You have been working with him on a rather intricate case. More out in the open; with more civilians in close proximity than normal. And certainly with more interpersonal implications. How are you working together?

Note: Subject’s foot stops taping but he carefully avoids eye contact.

Tobie: Fine.

Dr. Soren: There’s more than that, Tobie.

Tobie: Look, Doc. I don’t know what you’re getting at. You know more about him then…I do…

Dr. Soren: I am more interested in how you feel working with him on this particular case. It’s extremely complicated.

Note: There was a level of despondency in his voice I had not heard before.

Tobie: How is it complicated? Get the stupid girl to recognize her responsibilities to The Factory. It’s only complicated because she’s too far deep in denial.

Dr. Soren: Tobie. You know it’s more than that.

Note: Heart rate increasing. His fists clenched. Is there something about the girl that really irritates him? Or is it…

I get a warning glare but his reaction needs to be documented.

Tobie: Like…what?

Dr. Soren: Like you are basically working with Holon to get her to recognize she’s your repla—

Note: Subject jumps up from medical chair, ripping the sensors from his arms.

Tobie: I’m done.

Note: The security guards move to block the door. I catch a faint amber glow spiralling up from the Subject’s fist.

Dr. Soren: It’s fine, gentlemen. Let him go.

Note:  They move aside and Tobie passes through; though not without an icy glare thrown back at me. The amber dissipates in the air as an evaporating fog as the door slams shut.

I recommend further covert surveillance. I am doubtful that, because of his age, Tobie can really deal emotionally with his current assignment. Further evaluation is necessary to determine if he may pose a threat to The Factory if he if forced to take a new partner and remain active. The girl as well may well be in danger.


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