Jon Stewart Interviews Audrey from Sheetrock Angel by Jeanne C. Davis

The main character in Jeanne C. Davis’ novel Sheetrock Angel is interviewed by John Stewart of The Daily Show.

J: Welcome to the show, Audrey.   I, ah, I’m embarrassed to say that I’m not sure why you are here.

A: That makes two of us, John, but then I’m not sure about much of anything these days.

J: Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself – since you would be the person most familiar with yourself.

A: Okay, see, that might not be the case, John.  Seriously, I seem to be having some problems with my self right now.  I’m suddenly uncertain if I’m the same Audrey James that I was yesterday.

J: You know I can identify.  I sometimes wake up thinking I’m Steven Colbert.  After I stop screaming, I’m okay.  But, all kidding aside, I’m sure that can be very disconcerting.

A: Well, there’s a wee touch of mental illness in the family, so it’s something that has always been a concern, but I’m worried that I might be having a nervous breakdown at a really inconvenient time.

J:  Why is that?  You know, it’s not like you can schedule a nervous breakdown.  I mean, I fit mine in between our run-through and the taping, but I’m a master – don’t try this at home.

A:  Yeah, but now it’s like I’m trying to juggle chainsaws.  First, a friend of mine was murdered, then his sister was kidnapped and everyone I’m close to looks like they might have had something to do with it all the while I’m going through a divorce and trying to keep my job at the DA’s office.

J: Okay, whoa, that’s heavier than what I normally like to deal with on my show, but maybe we can get you booked on Oprah.  Right now we can shift to a happy place I like to call “Hollywood Namedropping.”  I recall now that you were married to the actor Miles Nulpart, which in itself is a full time job from what I hear.  You must be used to dealing with difficult people.

A:  In the DA’s office?  You’re always dealing with people who might have a reserved seat on the Crazy Train.

J:  Or even their own club cars.

A:  Exactly.  So I get inured to it, and then people, even sometimes very nice people, strike me as weird, or fey, or sinister, or any combination thereof.  And then we’re back to me wondering if they are really that way or if I’m just perceiving them that way.

J: You don’t have to worry about me.  If I were sinister, I’d be on Fox News and if I were Fey, I’d be hosting SNL. Anything else on your plate?

A:  Yeah, apparently I’m currently the protagonist in the book Sheetrock Angel.

J:  Really?  That’s amazing.  If that’s the case why don’t you just flip to the last page and see how things turned out.

A:  I know, right?  Turns out they don’t let us do that.  We just have to struggle through.

J:  Listen, best of luck trying to keep yourselves together and come back and see us if you manage to figure everything out.

A:  Thanks, John.  I live in hope.



Before Jeanne C. Davis seriously entertained writing a novel, she wrote for radio and television including staff jobs on DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN and the modern prequel to the BONANZA series, THE PONDEROSA. Between the numerous drafts of SHEETROCK ANGEL, she wrote, produced and directed the independent feature THE UNIFORM MOTION OF FOLLY. Her early career had little to do with writing – other than in her journal – and everything to do with living. She was a Pan Am purser.

As with most authors, she has stolen a couple of incidents directly from her own life, but SHEETROCK ANGEL is not autobiographical. She did marry actor Ben Murphy, but he is not to be confused with the actor character in the book. Ben and she remain dear friends.

She is currently working on a novel based on her experiences with Pan Am while in preproduction on another independent feature with niece, Morgan Davis, called LIP SERVICE. She is also continuing work on a documentary about her family with editor Charlene Huston. Her great-grandfather brought one of the first carousels to California and merry-go-rounds were a family business until her father retired in the 1980s.

You can visit Jeanne’s website at or you can go directly to

Sheetrock Angel is available at in paperback and through Kindle.


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