Five Things You Didn’t Know About FBI Special Agent Kristin Cunningham from Final Vector by Allan Leverone

1 – Not a single soul was aware of Kristin’s intention to enter law enforcement upon graduating high school until she made the announcement during her celebration dinner. That list includes her parents, her best friend and all of her high school boyfriends. To say it came as a shock to those who knew the petite, quiet young woman would be a massive understatement.

2 – Kristin’s interest in law enforcement stemmed from an attempted date-rape incident during her junior year of high school. The reluctance of the school’s guidance department and police resource officer to pursue the initiator of the assault—a star on the varsity football team—made a tremendous impact on the young woman and left her determined to work in a career where she could positively affect people’s lives.

3 – Despite her small size and reserved nature, Kristin Cunningham is a crack shot, consistently earning high marks on the practice range. She is also an expert in self-defense, having enrolled in karate classes after nearly being raped in high school and pursuing martial arts vigorously. She has never told her parents of the attempted assault but was determined never again to be a victim.

4 – As a young woman in her late-twenties, Kristin dates often but rarely seriously. She finds many men to be intimidated by a pretty woman who carries a gun for a living but is instantly attracted to air traffic controller Nick Jensen despite the circumstances of their meeting, perhaps because she sees in him personality traits similar to her own.

5 – She is used to being overlooked and knows how to use that to her advantage. Never the most beautiful or the smartest or the most popular in school, Kristin has developed a sense of resolve, a determination to do what she believes is right, that she will need to fall back on before the end of one critical day in Final Vector. The only question is, will it be enough?


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