Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lucrezia Borgia

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Lucrezia Borgia

1 – Her name derives from the Roman legend of Lucretia, a woman who killed herself rather than live with the shame of being raped. Lucretia is a symbol of womanly chastity.

2 – Like many noblewomen, she knew the power of maintaining a dazzling appearance. For example, one of her capes was made from crimson satin, lined with ermine, and embroidered with 61 rubies, 55 diamonds, 5 large pearls, 412 medium-sized pearls, and 114 small pearls.

3 – She was well educated and spoke Italian, Catalan, French, Latin, and Greek. She also loved music, poetry, and dancing.

4 – She came from a notorious family accused of many crimes. Her father, Pope Alexander VI, kept a herd of courtesans at the Vatican Palace, and is rumoured to have created his own special poison to dispatch political rivals. Her eldest brother, Cesare Borgia, was a very shrewd and cruel leader of the Papal army, and served as the inspiration for Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’.

5 – Lucrezia and her family were known for their extravagant banquets. For instance, at Lucrezia’s second marriage to Alfonso of Aragon, over 800 barrels of wine and 30,000 pounds of meat were consumed in just one night!

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