The Fear Principle by B.A. Chepaitis

The Fear Principle

Join B.A. Chepaitis, author of the sci-fi mystery with romantic elements The Fear Principle as she virtually tours the blogosphere in May 2011 on her first tour with Pump Up Your Book!

About B.A. Chepaitis

barbaraBARBARA CHEPAITIS is author of 7 published novels, including the critically acclaimed Feeding Christine and These Dreams, as well as the sci-fi series featuring Jaguar Addams. The fourth novel in that series, A Lunatic Fear was a finalist for a Romantic Times Bookclub award. Her first nonfiction book, Feathers of Hope, came out through SUNY Press in July.

She has optioned two scripts, and has recently been awarded a seed grant to develop a documentary titled Making Peace.

She is founder and director of the storytelling trio The Snickering Witches, and faculty with Western College of Colorado’s MFA program in creative writing.

About The Fear Principle

The Fear Principle FrontOn Prison Planetoid Three, Jaguar Addams and Alex Dzarny rehab the worst criminals by telepathically making them face their fears. Their current case is hitwoman Clare Rilasco, emotionless, beautiful, and part of a death machine plot that threatens to take over the world.

Jaguar can’t tell who the bad guys are anymore, as she’s dragged into her own terrifying past by Clare’s telepathic tricks. While the search for the man behind the mirror continues, Jaguar and Clare are enmeshed in a relationship of seduction and trickery that makes Jaguar face her own deepest fears.

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Read an Excerpt

“You’re way out of line, Dr. Addams,” he said coldly. “Whatever Nick’s doing, I’ll handle. You better keep track of yourself.”

“Oh, I can track myself. Don’t you worry.” She put her hands on his desk and her face level with his, leaning forward.

“I can track a cat under a new moon, or the smallest scent of death in open air. I can track last week’s eagle in a cloudy sky. And I can track you, Supervisor. Even you. So keep Nick away from me, or I’ll take care of him myself. My way.” She shifted her wrist deliberately, letting him see the tip of her glass knife, gleaming red at her wrist. She gave it a second, two seconds. Then she turned on her heel and left.

What Reviewers Are Saying

The Fear Principle is the first in it’s series. The main character, Jaguar Addams is very alluring and intriguing. In a futuristic world, having survived what was known as the Killing times, Jaguar Addams is working on Planetoid Three. The planetoids are a new system put in place for convicted criminals. With a new spin on telepathy, it shows a very new, very scary way of getting into peoples minds. This book captures you from the very first chapter and keeps you until the very last. Jaguar will always keep you wanting more.

– Meghan Sickles, Amazon Reviewer

The good news: in the future, the world will discover a way to end prison overcrowding, and almost wipe out recidivism. The bad news: we have to survive a period of serial murder of epidemic proportions. And you guessed it — not that many of us are going to survive the Killing Times. Come to think of it, overcrowding may not be that much of a problem.

Meet Jaguar Addams, survivor, doctor, and one of the caring “Teachers” on Planetoid Three.

You’ve been shipped to one of the Planetoids, you’re in for a rough rehab, and you’ve been assigned to the toughest Teacher on the payroll. Your Teacher is going to reach into your mind and find what really motivates you; you’re about to face your greatest, deepest fears.

Inmates have two ways out of the program: see the light and come out straight, or come out in a strait jacket. And, a few fall through the cracks. They come out feet first. Not everyone takes well to having their minds touched, their fears brought out into the open.

No one knows how their newest inmate will fare, only that this is the most difficult and sensitive case the staff has faced. In the aftermath of the Year of the Serials, Clare Rilasco remains the most-feared and the most unfathomable of murderers. It is Jaguar’s job to get inside her mind, learn what pushes her to kill. And who.

As Jaguar is about to find out, not everyone wants that information made public knowledge. Not everyone wanted Clare taken alive.
Chepaitis’ debut novel crackles with tension from every side. It is a rough world where only the toughest and the most ruthless have endured. And nobody is going down easy, now.

The settings are grim and brutal, with few bright spots, and even fewer safe havens. It is the product of a civilization that dragged itself into the gutter and isn’t sure how to get out again. Or if it even wants to. Too many of the characters seem content to accept life at this level, so long as they don’t sink too much lower down the food chain. With few descriptions, Chepaitis has created a world of dark streets and darker denizens. And that’s before they return to the ruin that is their home planet.

And, if the surroundings are bleak, the people forced to live their are darker still. Everyone has secrets, and, on a planetoid of empaths, no one is willing to share. The combination makes for some of the edgiest relationships in recent memory.

For a debut novel, The Fear Principle falls into few of the traps waiting in fiction. True, the “loose cannon” character is a simple one to create and drive through a story. Everyone else is either wholly good or irredeemably wicked. And readers may spot some of the revelations from chapters away, but not all, and not most. There are as many surprises lying in wait as assassins.

And Planetoid Three is lousy with assassins; apparently no one checks references in the future. Let that be a lesson to us.

– Copyright © 1998 Lisa DuMond,


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