Interview with Jaguar Addams from The Fear Principle by B.A. Chepaitis

Jaguar Addams appeared in my kitchen as I was getting ready for dinner, wanting only to eat and watch some stultifyingly dull TV.  Jaguar doesn’t believe in dull, and if she had her way I’d never go there.

Jaguar almost always has her way.

She doesn’t spend much time in a kitchen either.  Her work as a Teacher on Prison Planetoid 3, where she makes the worst criminals face their deepest fears, doesn’t give her much time for cooking.  And her personality, a cross between lightning and music, doesn’t incline that way either.

So as soon as she had my attention she motioned me into the living room, folded her long, lean body into the most comfortable chair and invited me to take a seat on the couch. I did so.

“Look,”  she said, “we both know  trying to interview me is like trying to give a cat a bath.  Nobody comes out feeling good about it.  On the other hand, I understand you need to get the job done. “

“Thanks,” I said.  Jaguar loves her work with a passion equal to my love of writing.  We get each other that way.  And she’s an empath, able to read thoughts, memory and experience directly.  She can dive into a mind easier than a cat into a bowl of tuna.  She’s got some other interesting skills – chantshaping, clear –seeing, and more.  Hanging around with her is always more interesting than TV.

“No problem,”  she said.  She crossed her long legs, leaned back and considered.  “Let’s try this.  Just give them the Q&A I did with Clare in The Fear Principle.  We had some very revealing talks .”

I thought about it.  She was right.  Clare was an assassin, assigned to Jaguar as her prisoner, and Jaguar had to make her face her fears.  But Clare didn’t show any fears.  She just picked up on other people’s fears and reflected them back.  It was tricky.

“She  did make you face your own fears in a new way,” I noted.

Jaguar nodded.  “So did Alex,”  she said.

Yes.  Alex.  Her supervisor, and one of the few equals she’s ever met.  He’s also an empath, with special skills in precognition, which Jaguar distrusts.  “How are things going with you and Alex these days?”  I asked.

She gave me her Cheshire cat grin. “That would be telling,”  she said.

I grinned back.  “Never mind, then.  About Clare, though.  What did she learn about you that nobody else knows?”

Jaguar grew thoughtful.  “She saw the place in me that’s most vulnerable – where I’m happiest.  And that’s what my work is about, really.  Finding the place we don’t want to expose, and exposing it.  It’s the only way we ever learn a damn thing.”

“I think,”  I said, “that’s a wrap.”

She pushed herself to standing.  “Good.  I’ve got a prisoner waiting for me.”

She turned and left the room.  I went back to the kitchen, a mere mortal who wanted her dinner.


Barbara Chepaitis is the author of 8 published books, including The Fear Principle featuring Jaguar Addams (Wildside Press), and the critically acclaimed Feeding Christine and These Dreams. Her first nonfiction book, Feathers of Hope, is about Berkshire Bird Paradise and the human connection with birds.   She’s writing a sequel about Eagle Mitch, a bird she helped our US troops rescue from Afghanistan.  Barbara is founder of the storytelling trio The Snickering Witches, and faculty coordinator for the fiction component of Western Colorado’s MFA program in creative writing.

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