Five Things You Didn’t Know About Joseph Markus from Love Bleeds by Maggie James

Here are a few fun and interesting facts never before told about the handsome lead vampire, Joseph Markus of LOVE BLEEDS.  Please enjoy!!

  1. Joseph Markus is the only son of the late Martin and Lillian Markus. One of the saddest experiences for Joe was outliving his beloved parents, they were very close.  Being the sole heir to their fortune, he inherited their lucrative estate which included both their vast family properties in Dublin, Ireland and Whitby, England as well as their extensive stocks and bonds portfolio.  Over the years, Joe has invested wisely, not only in real estate but business properties and has become an increasingly successful entrepeneur.
  2. He is not only an extrememly gifted vocalist but also a talented musician.  Aside from being able to play both rhythym and bass guitars, Joe is also an accomplished pianist, drummer, keyboardist and violinist.
  3. Though it is not widely know, Joseph was a close personal friend of John Lennon until his untimely death in 1980. He has also been seen rubbing elbows with such amazing artists as Jimi Hendrix, John Morrison, Richie Valens, Janis Joplin, Kirk Cobain, Robert Plant, Eddie VanHalen and Stevie RayVaughn (just to name a few) as well as had the honor of jamming and/or recording with them over the decades in his musical career.
  4. Joseph didn’t attend college; he actually barely finished High School before avidly persuing a career in music, Joe is extremely well-educated (self taught) and has always possesed a great thirst for knowledge.  His personal libraries, at both his family estates, are filled ceiling to floor with hundreds of books on Philosophy, Mythology, European and American history, Art, as well as the finest collection of literary novels and poetry.
  5. Though he is vampire and does not eat mortal food, Joseph is remarkably quite the chef.  For reasons unknown, he has dabbled in the Culinary Arts for years.  Only a choice few people in his immediate circle have sampled his delectable culinary creations but have never left the dinner table without totally satisfied palates and full bellies.

Joseph himself has not yet seen this post (to my knowledge) and I’m curious to see his reaction.  Although I did not ask his permission to write and post the above personal facts, I’m sure he won’t mind.  As a matter of fact, given his love of being in the spotlight, he’ll most likely be flattered.  I would like to thank THE PLOT for inviting me here today and hosting my Guest Post; its been a pleasure.

I would also like to thank all of you who stopped by here today, as well as my friends and bloggers who have been following my tour on a daily basis and leaving their comments. I greatly appreciate your friendship and support!  Have an awesome summer 😀



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  1. Thanks for inviting me to do a Guest Post. I hope your readers/followers enjoy it!
    Take care,

  2. good to know =) I think your Joseph has already won a large audience of readers but being a great cook too and doesn’t even eat. Priceless…lol Thanks for another great post along your hop =)

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