Interview with Kendra from Karma and Melodies by Katie Salidas

Author: “Kendra, thanks for giving me this chance to talk with you. It’s been so long since you ran off with Normal Paradox. I’m glad we have this chance to catch up. So, how are you and Marcus dealing with life on the road.”

Kendra: “Lemme tell you, touring is hard work. But it’s all worth it when the band’s on stage.  Everything, all stress and anger just melt away the moment those lights come on and Marcus begins to sing.  I just love his voice. The band will get used to having me around eventually. It was their idea for me to tag along. Mikey has some supernatural racism to deal with though.”

Author:  Tries to stifle her laughter. “So he’s not taking things well?”

Kendra: “Ha! That’s an understatement. His issues with me were cute at first, now they’re just annoying. The names I can deal with. He likes to call me necrophilia. But the constant attempts to drive a wedge between me and Marcus have to stop. “

Author: “What about the rest of the band?”

Kendra: “Chad’s pretty laid back about the whole thing. He says ‘as long as I’m not on the menu, we’re cool.’ Troy keeps his distance, but he’s civil to me. They’ll figure out eventually. I’m not the killing kind. Besides, I’m there for Marcus. I have to keep him safe.”

Author:  “And what about Marcus? How’s he dealing with you being a vampire?”

Kendra: “That’s the biggest problem. He doesn’t understand what it’s like. He wants to become one like me. He thinks if he does we can be together forever.”

Author: “Isn’t that the goal?”

Kendra: “No! You can have true love and companionship when you own someone. If I were to turn him into a vampire, he’d be my slave not my lover. I can’t do that to him!”

Author: “Sounds like you have quite the situation on your hands. What are you going to do about it?”

Kendra: “I wish I knew. He’s already tasted my blood. He’s bonded to me so I can’t just leave. It would devastate him. And the band would suffer. They’ve worked so hard for their success. If I stay though, he’ll push for more and I don’t know if I am strong enough.”

Author: “Well, you better figure things out quick! People will want to know what happens with you two!”

Kendra: “You’re the author, aren’t you supposed to give me a happy ending.”

Author:  Lets out a boisterous laugh. “I’m the author all right! That means I’m going to make you suffer and work for your happy ending. You want me to deal with your problems, or can you handle them yourself?”

Kendra: “Fine.” She sighs. “You don’t have to get all high and mighty about it. I’ll figure it out.”

Author: “Goodie! You get to it, and I’ll get back to writing.”


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