Interview with Alex Dzarny from The Fear series by B.A. Chepaitis

Alex Dzarny is Supervisor to Jaguar Addams on Prison Planetoid 3, assigning the prisoners she rehabs by making them face their fears. Recently they dealt with a cult leader out to create the End of Days,  (see The Fear of God) , showing some spectacular teamwork. I figured he’d be easier to interview  about that than Jaguar, who’s been known to hiss and spit.

When I entered his apartment he had a cup of tea ready. He greeted me with a warm smile, and gestured to a chair at his kitchen table. “Welcome,” he said. “Please, have a seat.”

I laughed softly.

“Something funny?”  he asked.

“You always say please and thank you.  Even to the computers.”

He shrugged.  “There’s not enough courtesy in the world.  Maybe the computers don’t care, but I do.”

I sighed and sat down.  That’s just one thing I love about this man.  Of course,  he’s also smart, and handsome as hell, tall and broad at the shoulders, dark haired and dark eyed.  And he’s an Adept – someone with precognitive capacities, which  means he occupies time in a slightly different way.   I wanted to talk about that.

“Tell me about being an Adept,”  I asked as I sat and I sipped my tea.

He took a chair across from me and considered.  “I don’t usually discuss that,”  he said,” but I don’t mind with you.  I know you.”

The way his dark eyes seemed to see everything gave me a shiver, and I understood why Jaguar got nervous about his empathic skills.  She had her own, but playing with time wasn’t one of them.

“Time is a web of interwoven possibilities,”  he said.  He held his hand palm up, showing the network of lines etched there.  “I sit in the middle of it, and perceive the threads between past, present and future.”

“That,” I said, “sounds like it would hurt your brain.”

“It takes some focus,” he agreed mildly.  “Also some patience, since the information  can seem disconnected. You get images, sensations, flashes of understanding sometimes.“

“You used in with Sardis, the cult leader you and Jaguar dealt with.  That, and the Death Walk.”

To my surprise, he tensed.  “We used both,” he said.  “The Death Walk wasn’t my idea, though.”

“You want to talk about that?”

He smiled politely.  “Not really.  Would you like some more tea?”

“No thank you,” I said just as politely.  “You and Jaguar,” I asked instead.  “Are you two – involved?”

“We’re co-workers,” he said, smiling again. “But you’re not here to talk about that, are you?”

I suddenly realized that his courtesy is as much a fortress as Jaguar’s indomitable will.  They’re complex people, wary of revealing too much, even to each other.     As it says in The Fear of God,  they’re both “fretful intelligences , swimming uneasily in profoundly swirling depths.” It will take time for their destinies to unfold.

Fortunately, time is something Alex knows all about.


Barbara Chepaitis is the author of 8 published books, including The Fear Principle  and The Fear of God featuring Jaguar Addams (Wildside Press), and the critically acclaimed mainstream novels, Feeding Christine and These Dreams. Her first nonfiction book, Feathers of Hope, is about Berkshire Bird Paradise and the human connection with birds.   She’s writing a sequel which tells the story of helping our US Troops in Afghanistan rescue Eagle Mitch.  Barbara is founder of the storytelling trio The Snickering Witches, and faculty coordinator for the fiction component of Western Colorado’s MFA program in creative writing.

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