Interview with Astra and Sasha from The Hand He Dealt by Tanith Davenport

Author: Astra, nice to meet you. I see you’ve brought your best friend Sasha with you.

Astra: Yeah, she really wanted to be here. She’ll be waiting outside.

Sasha: (from doorway) Actually I might just hang around here, if that’s okay.

Author: Of course. So Astra, I understand your life has become pretty complicated lately.

Astra: You’re not kidding. I’ve got a boyfriend who thinks he’s gay, one of my work colleagues at the casino is giving me hell, and, well…

Sasha:… and she’s been fooling around with me and my boyfriend Ash.

Astra: Yeah, that.

Sasha: In my bedroom. Naked.

Astra: Yeah, thanks for that, Sash. Anyway, Harry and I are dating other people, so it’s allowed.

Author: So what do you plan to do about your work colleague?

Astra: She’s angry because I’m in line for management training. So far I’ve been ignoring her so I don’t look unprofessional in front of my boss. But if he makes me a manager, I’ll have to deal with her somehow.

Sasha: You never have this much trouble standing up to Ash.

Astra: Ash isn’t trying to screw me over.

Sasha: (falls apart laughing)

Author: Actually, I have one more question for you which you might want privacy for.

(Astra gets up, pushes a giggling Sasha out the door and shuts it in her face. Comes back.)

Author: So who do you really want – Harry or Ash?

Astra: (glances at door, long pause) You work it out.


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  1. Great interview!

  2. This was the most entertaining guest post I’ve written so far 🙂 Thanks for having me on here!

  3. Wonderful interview!!

  4. Great interview!! Vary entertaining!

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