Five Things You Didn’t Know About Bill Ferguson from THE LONELY MILE By Allan Leverone

1 – Despite earning good grades in high school, Bill Ferguson enlisted in the Army immediately after graduation. The same sense of duty and of right and wrong that led to his military service plays a large role in his decision to take on Martin Krall, the I-90 Killer, when the sociopath attempts to kidnap a young girl in the highway rest area at the beginning of THE LONELY MILE.

2 – Bill’s father founded Ferguson Hardware, the two-store chain Bill now owns and is struggling to keep out of bankruptcy. Small, independently-owned stores around the country are falling by the wayside as gigantic chains force them out of business, and in his fight to save his business, Bill finds himself working sixty to eighty hours a week, at the cost of time at home. Eventually, this single-minded dedication costs him his marriage.

3 – Carli Ferguson is Bill’s only child, his pride and joy and a three-sport athlete in high school. No matter how hectic his schedule or how busy he was with his stores, Bill never missed a single one of her games or competitions prior to her kidnapping. His daughter is his reason for living, and as long as he is breathing he will never rest until he gets her back after she disappears.

4 – After Carli is kidnapped by the I-90 Killer, Bill is wracked with guilt. He knows it is his actions in saving an innocent victim from Martin Krall at the highway rest area that have led directly to the vengeful sociopath kidnapping his daughter. But despite his crushing feelings of guilt, he knows deep down that he would take the same actions again if confronted with the victimization of an innocent young girl. How could he place one child’s welfare above another’s?

5 – Bill’s military experience leads him to question the ability of the FBI to protect Carli after she receives a threatening note from the I-90 Killer. He reluctantly agrees to allow her to finish out the last few days of the school year under the FBI’s protection, adding to his sense of guilt when she is then kidnapped. This mistrust of the FBI leads to him taking action on his own when he learns where Carli is being held, a decision which may cost him his life.


Allan Leverone is a three-time Derringer Award finalist as well as a 2011 Pushcart Prize nominee for his short fiction. The Lonely Mile, released by StoneHouse Ink in July, is Allan’s second thriller, following Final Vector from Medallion Books in February. He has been hailed as “the successor to Michael Crichton” by bestselling author Vincent Zandri, and bestselling author Scott Nicholson calls The Lonely Mile “a taut crime drama full of twists and conspiracy.”

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