Five Things You Didn’t Know About Rajesh “Roger” Vadepalli by Shobhan Bantwal – Author of The Full Moon Bride

1. Rajesh “Roger” Vadepalli is the hero of my latest book, The Full Moon Bride. Despite his casual ways and lazy charm, he has his own private demons that he has been fighting since childhood. As a boy who was more interested in literature and creative pursuits, he was teased, taunted and harassed by other boys who were more into sports and video games. Nonetheless, Rajesh has dealt with the denigration with rare maturity.

2. Right from the get-go, when Rajesh meets the story’s heroine, Soorya Giri, he makes it clear to her that he wants to marry her for her money. He is a penniless playwright, looking for someone to bankroll his first theater production. And yet, he is interested in the woman behind the wealthy facade. He likes Soorya for who she is, a modern woman with an independent spirit tempered by insecurities.

3. Although it is not apparent at first, Rajesh’s seemingly uncomplicated and disheveled personality has some interesting layers. He is exceptionally bright, someone who has a graduate degree from an Ivy League university, a pre-med undergraduate degree with honors, and a keen mind that absorbs knowledge like a sponge. He just chooses not to show it to Soorya for certain reasons. That is his secret to keep.

4. There is constant friction between Rajesh and his father, a stern, rigid, successful businessman. On the surface they dislike each other, but deep down there is abiding love between father and son, which gets smothered by the arguments over Rajesh’s choice of occupation. The complex relationship between the two men adds to the plot in interesting ways and is subtly woven into the story in The Full Moon Bride.

5. As if Rajesh does not have enough challenges in his young life, he now has to face Soorya Giri and her prickly wariness. The conflict between the laid-back Rajesh and the intense Soorya is what makes The Full Moon Bride a humorous, adventurous rollercoaster ride. As they spar, converse, sometimes laugh, and connect on so many levels, neither one of them expects to develop strong feelings for each other. What a fun way to fall in love!

About the author: Besides authoring five novels, Shobhan Bantwal is a freelance writer and award-winning fiction writer featured in publications such as The Writer, India Abroad, Little India, India Currents and New Woman India. She regularly donates a portion of her book earnings to women’s charities. For information on her books, contests, events, recipes, photos, contact, and favorite charities, visit her website at or her facebook page at


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  1. Fascinating!! I like the sound of this book more and more.

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