Transcript of a TV Interview with Jamie Shoop from Fresh Heir by Michael Reilly

Reporter: It’s very nice to meet you Jamie…how are you doing today?

Jamie: Good.

Reporter: Good, great to hear. And you are, how old?

Jamie: Twelve.

Reporter: Twelve, that’s great. Tell me, Jamie, what are some things you like to do?

Jamie: I don’t know, read, I guess.

Reporter: Yes indeed! I hear you like to read. In fact, I understand you read quite a bit. I also understand you are considered a… ah… a genius.

Jamie: I don’t know. Guess so.

Reporter: And so, in this book you’re in, Fresh Heir, your dad is taking you across the country to a program for gifted kids, correct?

Jamie: Yes. In Sand Fwan-sicko.

Reporter: Huh?

Jamie: Sand Fwan-sicko. That’s what my little sister calls it.

Reporter: Oh, I see. Frizzy is your little sister.

Jamie: Yes, Sara’s her name. Frizzy’s her nickname. She farts a lot. But that has nothing to do with her nickname. She has allergies. She gets itchy a lot. Not sure that has anything to do with her nickname either.

Reporter: Oh, I see. That’s great. And so, on this trip, your dad has hired a consultant to come along…

Jamie: The Sphincter.

Reporter: Excuse me?

Jamie: Never mind.

Reporter: OK… well ah, so this consultant is to help you get into a top-notch college.

Jamie: Yes, my dad hopes so.

Reporter: Your dad has real high aspirations for you, doesn’t he?

Jamie: Well, yeah, I guess. That’s why he quizzes me a lot.

Reporter: Quizzes you?

Jamie: He likes to quiz me… to keep me sharp.

Reporter: And what does he quiz you on?

Jamie: Mostly about history, and literature… not so much math or science. He’s pretty clueless about those things. It’s just mostly stuff like Shakespeare, and historical facts, things like that. He was testing me on the Crimean War on the way over here this morning.

Reporter: We lost that one didn’t we?

Jamie: We?

Reporter: The United States?

Jamie: No sir, we weren’t in that war.

Reporter: Oh, OK, whatever. So tell me how you liked that program in San Fran…cisco.

Jamie: Oh, you haven’t read the book, have you? Like, what happened with Dale and all that?

Reporter: Dale?

Jamie: My grandfather, who came with us. Well, not the whole way, but from Florida.

Reporter: Florida? That’s not on the way to California. Well, I guess I better read, the book. Whoops, time’s up, the producer’s cutting me off. Nice having you, Jamie.

Jamie: Sure.


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  1. Interesting interview! I really enjoy it!

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