Five Things You Didn’t Know About Marc Wilson from The Illusion of Certainty by Greg Messel

Marc Wilson is the troubled businessman in “The Illusion of Certainty.” Marc seems on the surface to be very successful. However, he is frustrated and even seething underneath.

Here are five things you may not know about Marc Wilson upon the first reading of the book.

  1. Marc loves his wife and is still very physically attracted to her. However, she seems disinterested in him. When he makes physical advances towards her, she acts annoyed and rejects him. This tension is building through the summer of 2007. He has always been loyal to his wife Aimee. However, he is physically very frustrated with her as the story begins.
  2. Marc’s life eventually intersects Alexander Mattson however, there was an earlier encounter that he doesn’t remember. He spots Alex in a coffee shop on New Year’s Eve. Marc is very troubled that day. His marriage has just blown apart and he had an uncomfortable Christmas visit with his parents. Now he plans to spend New Year’s Eve alone, pondering all of the blows he has endured in the past year. Marc sees Alex and finds her very attractive. But the encounter is fleeting and he doesn’t remember it later when he formally meets her.
  3. Marc becomes a victim of 21st Century technology. After Marc leaves his wife and his home, his relationship with his children becomes electronic. It redefines his relationship with his children which now becomes electronic not personal. He texts them and develops a superficial relationship to them. Marc does this to hide the pain he feels over the breakup of his marriage. However, when he visits his son in Los Angeles Marc discovers that he has trouble getting one on one attention from his son, Josh, who is texting instead of talking with his father.
  4. Marc gets a wake up call from his friend and former colleague at work. She notices that Marc has lost his fight and determination since the loss of his wife and job. The co-worker tells Marc he needs to “fix himself” now. That is the main motivation for his trip to Europe in Part 3 of The Illusion of Certainty.
  5. Marc is lured by a lucrative offer for a new job which involves extensive travel. However, he finds after over a year, that he has plenty of money. Marc can buy anything he wants–except happiness. He finds himself in the beautiful city of Seattle in an upscale condo and plenty of money. But there is no one to share it with.


Greg Messel has written three novels and three unpublished memoirs. He published his premiere novel “Sunbreaks” in 2009, followed by “Expiation” in 2010 and “The Illusion of Certainty” in 2011. Greg has had a newspaper career as a columnist, sportswriter and news editor. He won a Wyoming Press Association Award as a columnist. Greg also spent many years in the corporate world as a Financial Manager. He now devotes his energies to writing at his home in Edmonds, Washington on the Puget Sound just north of Seattle, where he lives with his wife, Carol.

You can visit his website at  Connect with Greg on Twitter at or Facebook at


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