The Red Cross of Gold I:. The Knight of Death, Assassin Chronicles by Brendan Carroll

Genre: Epic Fantasy, Templar Fiction

The Knight of Death is the first of twenty-eight novels in the Assassin Chronicles.

In the first book, Sir Mark Andrew Ramsay, Knight of Death, assassin and alchemist for the secret order of The Red Cross of Gold travels from Scotland to Texas where he is assigned to either capture or kill a deserter from the Order. Before he reaches his destination, he is intercepted by a member of another Order and her brute of a body guard, who throws an alchemical concoction in his face.

The powerful liquid causes him to lose his memory temporarily and he is unable to remember who he is, and where he is, and what he is supposed to be doing. When his captors, bent on learning the secret of immortality and the Philosopher’s Stone, try to tell him who and what he is, he thinks they are crazy; especially when they tell him that he is almost 800 years old and a surviving knight from the Medieval Crusades.

Eventually, the Grand Master of his Order decides to send a trio of Knights to bring him back, dead or alive. Unfortunately, one of them is determined to bring his head home in a box.

While he struggles to regain his lost memories, he begins to fall in love in with one of his captors. He has to contend with a despotic woman, who will stop at nothing, including murder, to learn his secrets, and her ugly body guard. In addition, he has to fight his own Brothers of the Order without really knowing what is going on. By the time he regains his memory, he has broken most of his vows as a Knight of the Temple and four people are dead. He must leave his love behind, and return to the Order, where he will be required to face severe penance for his crimes and indiscretions.

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Brendan Carroll was born and raised in Southeast Texas where he grew up rather nerdishly reading everything he could get his hands on from Hardy Boys mysteries to Mad Magazine. He served his country in the United States Navy and graduated from Sam Houston University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Now retired from a career as a public servant with the State of Texas, he is a full time writer and author. His interests include conspiracy theories, mystical and mysterious subjects such as Secret Societies, Templars, mythology, crop circles, ufology, ancient astronauts, angels, demons and crystal skulls.

Brendan has spent years researching such subjects as previously listed for inclusion in his all-encompassing series. Some of his hobbies include studying astrology, astronomy, comparative religion and quantum physics. Writing is his first and last love and he writes to entertain and intrigue and make the reader think outside the normal realms of what science and/or religion teaches us.

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