Interview with Mark Ramsay from The Red Cross of Gold I:. The Knight of Death, Assassin Chronicles by Brendan Carroll

The following is a fictitious interview that might have taken place at the end of The Red Cross of Gold I:. the Knight of Death, just before the Chevalier Mark Ramsay left America on his way back to Italy after the unsettling events that occurred while he was on a sanctioned assassin’s mission gone wrong in Texas, if he had been picked up for questioning…

“We need to ask you a few questions, Mr. Ahhhh…” Detective Jones looked down at the black and gold business card before continuing “Ramsay.  This won’t take long, if you cooperate.”

“Questions?  About what?” Mark asked and glanced at the other man in the small, windowless room in the Security Offices of DFW Intercontinal Airport.  He stood silently by the door.

“It says here that you are a dealer in antiquities and artifacts.  Is that correct?” Jones asked him.

“Is that my business card?”  Mark raised one black eyebrow in aggravation.

“It was in your luggage and the name matches your identification card.  Scottish, is it?”

“Is what Scottish?  My luggage or my identification card?”

“Very cute,” Jones said and pursed his lips in disapproval.

Mark brushed back his long hair and one side of his mouth kicked up in a half-smile.  “These are fairly odd questions so far, but thank you.”

“Thank you?” Jones frowned and glanced at his silent partner.

“Aye.  That’s Scottish for ‘yes’.”

“Now, look here, Mr. Ramsay.  There is the matter of a little incident down in Coryelle County that involved some rather unusual, maybe criminal activity, and we think you may know something about it.”

“Coryelle County is southeast of here.  Pretty country.  Hills, lots of rock outcroppings.  I especially enjoyed the scenery near Gatesville, but the heat is oppressive this time of year.  Next time, I’ll make sure I visit during the cooler portion of the year.”

“Cuuuute,” Jones said the word again.

“Beg pardon?” Mark asked and kicked up both eyebrows, his deep blue eyes bright.

“I know what Coryelle Country looks like, Mr. Ramsay.”

“Oh, my apologies.”  Ramsay inclined his head slightly.

“Smartass.”  The detective standing near the door commented in a low voice.

“OK, look, asshole,” Jones lowered his voice.  “We have two missing people on our hands, and someone told us that you might have been one of the last people to have seen them.  A local resident, Miss Cecile Valentino and her employee, Maximus Sturgeon, a security specialist.”

“Security specialist?” Mark asked and smiled slightly.  “I don’t remember a security specialist per se.”

“Big, burly fellow, scar on his cheek,” Jones said and touched his cheek with one finger.

“Oh!  Yes, right.  I remember him.  May I ask who reported him missing?”

“No.  We are asking the questions, Mr. Ramsay.  Now, one of her houseguests said that you…” he looked down at a spiral notebook on the table in front of him.  “Ate his salad.”

“Really?”  Mark’s smile broadened.  “Is that a crime in America, Detective Jones?”

“And he said that you said you were an assassin,” Jones finished as his cheeks turned slightly pink.  He ignored the question.  “He said you identified yourself as the Knight of Death.  This title on your card: Chevalier du Morte, that’s Latin for Knight of Death.”

“That is my honorary title, aye,” Mark’s tone and face changed slightly.  “I am Chevalier Mark Andrew Ramsay, Poor Knight of the Temple of Solomon.  I am the Knight of Death, as my card states, sir.”

“So, you are an assassin,” the silent detective spoke again.

“I am an alchemist,” Mark told him flatly.  “I work in a private lab.”

“Ooooh, I see,” Jones said as he leaned back, crossed one leg over the other and smiled.  “And what do you make… in this lab?”

“I make gold from base metals,” Mark stated matter-of-factly.

Jones grinned and nodded.

“You mean it’s as good as gold.  Well, let’s see, Mr. Ramsay.  I have two missing persons and here you sit, a self-admitted assassin and chemist who is a member of some kind of secret order and you make chemicals… in your lab.”

“I believe that sums it up, yes,” Mark agreed.

“And, since you are trying to flee the country, we’d best take you along downtown,” Detective Jones decided and stood up.

“I’m not fleeing the country, Detective.  I’m going to Rome.  If you care to check that same bag where you pilfered my cards, you will find that I am traveling as an official representative of the Holy See under Papal authority, which gives me diplomatic status.  You cannot arrest me or hold me here against my will.  If you will excuse me,” Mark said and stood up as well.  He stuck out one hand and shook hands with the startled detective.  “It has been a pleasure, but I’m afraid this interview is over.”


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