Interview with Sheriff Sam Stevenson from Range War (Saugatuck Trilogy) by David Sayers

Although I have never met a man that was more fair, the reputation for toughness that Sheriff Sam Stevenson displays still makes me nervous when we chat. Here he comes now.

Author: Greetings, Sheriff. Thanks for taking the time to visit. Please have a seat.

Sam: Please. Call me Sam. What can I do for you?

Author: Well, I though that our readers might like to get to know you a little better. Have you always wanted to be a lawman? Is this the path you wanted to follow when you were younger?

Sam: Actually, this is far from the path that I was originally headed down. Let’s just say that most of the lawmen in the west once dabbled on the other side of the law. We all have made mistakes, and I was lucky enough to figure that out before it was too late. Unfortunately, as your readers will see in Range War, despite my trying to turn around my life here in Saugatuck, the good town fathers are going to get a little shock when I am forced to confront my past. I tried to really get a fresh start here, so nobody here knows about my past.

Author: Can you tell us about that past? What happened?

Sam: I am sure you have other things you want to know. What’s your next question?

Author: Ahem. Sorry about that, Sam. Do you have any family?

Sam: Well, I guess you could say that Abigail and I are close, but she is busy running the girls at the saloon. Her and I are just friends, and with my line of work, I can’t really see myself ever getting married, though Abigail is quite the fetching woman.

Author: How do you plan to keep the ranchers from destroying each other and the town?

Sam: Well, they are both as bullheaded as a couple of steers around a cow in season. Right now I an just trying to keep a lid on things while I try to get them to see reason. They both want to control the railroad land so they can try to destroy the other one to control the whole valley. Well, our chat was good, but I need to get back to my rounds.

The lawman saunters out the door, tipping his hat as he makes his exit.

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