Conversation With Sophie From Gastien Part 2: From Dream to Destiny by Caddy Rowland

Hello, my name is Adrienne and I am a server at Au Lapin Agile in Montmartre, France. Oui, oui, I know…we are technically part of Paris now in the late nineteenth century…but we still think of ourselves as our own little village.

One of the other servers I work with is Sophie. How she got a job here I don’t know! She is so little she can barely carry a tray of drinks, and the raucous, raunchy clientele we serve are not afraid to flirt shamelessly with us! She is not from here, but from the Pigalle area of Paris. Not a very nice place, if you ask me, but there are respectable pockets and she lives with her Aunt in one of them.

Anyway, she has stars in her eyes over the worst of the womanizers that frequent Au Lapin Agile: the stunningly handsome artist Gastien Beauchamp. Ha! He is known to bed dozens of women, but they must be rich-and they must be married. What is Sophie thinking? Here she comes now. I am going to try to talk some sense into her.

“Sophie! Sit down a minute, while it is quiet. You need to take a break. By the way, are you still mooning over that womanizer Gastien?” I try to stare her down.

Sophie blushes as she sits, but refuses to break eye contact. “Adrienne, will you quit calling him that? I know what Gastien does. But, oui, I am crazy about him. I have been crazy about him since that night he forced an apology out of that man who touched me. I just can’t help it! He is so handsome, so kind-“

“KIND? He came to your rescue simply to show off! Trust me, Gastien is only interested in women for one thing, and it would NOT involve your heart!”

“That is not true! We have been friends now the whole summer and into autumn. He talks to me about things he talks to no one else about. Gastien trusts me and I am certain that he loves me. He is just too scared to admit it.”

I shake my head. This woman is truly delusional! “Sophie, he only makes love to rich, married women. He does not want commitment; he is married to his art. The man does not even date single women. In the past he has gone out with a few…until he could get them into his bed! Now he does not even look at them. If you want more than conversation, I suggest you find someone in your league. You should be looking for a husband; someone who can take care of you! You are cute. You could find a nice man to settle down with and have a nice home!”

“Adrienne, I want Gastien. I have told myself over and over that Gastien is not good for me. I know he does not want commitment. I know that. But I don’t care.  Look, I am a grown up. I want him. It does not seem to matter what my brain says, my heart says it is Gastien.”

“Well, if he wanted you, he would have acted by now. Obviously he does not see you as a potential lover. How much plainer can he make it?”

“Oh, he wants me all right. He is just afraid of how bad he wants me. For some reason, he is afraid that he will hurt me and he is not willing to take the next step.”

“Gastien, afraid of a woman? Hardly! How much longer can you go on playing this game? It is not good for you. Time is passing. Break it off and find someone that can provide for you! My God, girl, leave it and move on!”

“I cannot and I will not! In fact, since he is afraid to take the next step, I have decided that it is up to me. I am determined to end up in Gastien’s bed tonight. He does not know it yet, but he is going to make me his before this night is over. I will no longer be a virgin. I will be Gastien’s woman.”

I sigh. “Oh, Sophie. If you do that, you will be an even bigger fool than I thought. No man will want you after being used by a bohemian! Don’t do that to yourself! Even if you do manage to seduce him, he will just use you and walk away!”

“No, he won’t. I know he loves me. He is just as much mine as I am his. He just won’t admit it yet. Once I kiss him, he won’t turn back.”

“Then God help you, Sophie. He has broken many hearts in the past and yours will be just another in the dusty pile.”

“Time will tell, Adrienne. I know what my heart tells me.”

“I wonder what you will tell that heart when it is shattered into a million pieces, Sophie. I really do.” I get up. There is no talking sense into her. “Time to get back to work. With any luck, he won’t show up tonight. For your sake, I hope he doesn’t.”

With that, I walk away. You just can’t talk sense into some people.

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