An Interview with Pudding from Casey and Kyle: I’m Saving Up for a Big Brother!!! by Will Robertson

Will: So Pudding, ever since you first appeared in the strip Casey and Kyle last year, you’ve been one of the most popular characters. It seems like you’re always playing army soldier though… Don’t you ever get tired of playing army all the time?

Pudding: No. I drill constantly to keep myself in a state of permanent readiness. That’s why I’ve dug foxholes out in our yard so that I can keep watch over the street and make sure there aren’t any shady characters around.

Will: Doesn’t your mom get mad when you dig giant holes in the yard all the time?

Pudding: Not as mad as she gets when she falls into them in the dark.

Will: I notice you always seem to wear camo. Is there a reason for that?

Pudding: It makes it hard for my mom to find me for dinner.

Will: You don’t like dinner?

Pudding: It’s alright I guess… My mom always makes stuff like rib eye steaks, and roasted chickens and grilled salmon and stuff… she doesn’t know how to make real army food like MREs and C-Rations…

Will: Well, you seem to be having fun in Casey and Kyle. What do you see yourself doing in the future?

Pudding: Well one day, I hope to be in the Army. I don’t know if it’s going to work out though…

Will: Why not?

Pudding: My parents won’t let me play with guns. In fact, I can’t pretend with anything dangerous weapons. If I’m playing Rock, paper, scissors, I can only use paper!!!

Will: That’s terrible! Do you have any other ideas for what you could be when you grow up?

Pudding: I like animals. Maybe I could work with animals.

Will: What kind of animals do you like?

Pudding: The seals are my favourite. They remind me of the Navy SEALS.

Will: Any others?

Pudding: Army ants.

Will: Well, we’re almost out of time… I’ve got one last question: Who is your hero?

Pudding:  G.I. Joe. He’s a real American hero!

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