Warmth in the Air: An Interview with Jaguar Addams and Alex Dzarny (The Green Memory of Fear)

“Can we trust her?”  Jaguar asked Alex, not much caring that I was listening. I was there to interview them, and Jaguar didn’t seemed thrilled about it.

“Yes,”  Alex said mildly.

Jaguar, seated next to him on the couch in her living room, narrowed her sea green eyes.  “Shaking your web, Spider Magus?”

He smiled. She only called him that when she suspected he was using his precognitive skills. They both had more than their share of psi capacities. “What do you think?”

“I think she’ll ask questions I don’t want to answer.”

He shrugged. “You can always kill her.”  His tone was teasing, but I’ll admit I kept my eye on the exit.

“Ha,”  I said.  “That’s, um, funny.  Should we begin?”

Alex gestured, inviting me to go ahead.

“I hear you two are involved in a whole new way,” I said. “Is it true?”

“That’s our business,”  Jaguar growled.  Her red glass knife peaked out from the sleeve of her silk shirt.  She stretched her long legs and crossed them at the ankle, her stiletto-heeled boots looking as dangerous as her knife.

Alex sighed.  “The problem is, I’m a supervisor and she’s a teacher. Technically, we can’t . . . .interact that way.”

“No,”  Jaguar said.  “The problem is the governor’s would use any excuse to fire me.”

Alex turned his dark eyes toward her, spoke softly.  “Would I let that happen?”

Jaguar touched his shoulder briefly. It didn’t take an empath to feel the tingle passing between them.

“You look after her safety,” I noted.

“He likes to imagine I need it,”  Jaguar cut in. Then she grinned. “Once he was even crazy enough to throw himself at a Telekine who wanted to kill us both.”

“That,”  Alex said.  “I knew you had my back.”

“So I protected you instead,” she said.

“As it turns out, you did,” he agreed.

“Then I’ll admit you had my back with Dr. Senci.”

Again, that sizzle between them.  If this kept up, I’d have to open a window. “Who’s Dr. Senci?” I asked.

“A recent case,”  Alex shuddered. “A rough one.”

“How come?” I asked.

“You know what a Greenkeeper is?” Jaguar asked.

I shook my head.

“A maxxed out vampire, who eats anything that gets in his way.  We got in the way.”

“Say more,”  I requested.

Jaguar mulled. “Tell you what.  If you’re free this solstice, meet us at 13 Streams.  I’ll tell the story at the sun ceremony.”

13 Streams.  A small Native American village in New Mexico, run by Jake and One Bird, Jaguar’s empathic mentors.  A place I’d love to visit.

“I’ll be there,”  I said. “You’ll tell it all?”

She nodded.  “And you’ll see what kind of man Alex really is.”

She looked to him, holding his gaze.  The room grew appreciably warmer.

I stood.  “Right,”  I said.  “Send me details. I’ll see you there.”

They said goodbye, sort of.  But they never stopped looking at each other.  When I closed the door behind me I fanned myself with my hand, and went in search of air.


Barbara Chepaitis is author of eight published novels and two nonfiction books.  Her most recent novel is The Green Memory of Fear, fifth book in the ‘fear’ series featuring Jaguar Addams.  She is also director of the fiction writing program at Western College of Colorado’s Master’s program in creative writing.

Website:  http://www.wildreads.com

blog: aliterarylunch.blogspot.com

facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jaguar-Addams-and-the-Fear-Series/135879429815445

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