Interviews & Guest Posts

The Author walked over and almost fell into rather than sat down on her seat. Almost personifying the word ‘busy’, the author’s hair appeared messy at best and she still wore her pajama bottoms with her t-shirt. Blue slippers kept her feet warm as she busied herself organizing for an interview of a kind she had never done before.

Rose waited patiently, a gentle smile playing on her lips. Having grown up mothering four younger brothers helped her to understand not caring so much about appearance and being wary of new things. While she didn’t quite understand how The Author got quite so busy, she appreciated the effort.

Finally, The Author pushed her sliding glasses back up the bridge of her nose and rubbed her hands together. “Let’s do this!”

Rose grinned and The Author paled.

“What?” The Author asked.

Rose licked her lips, choosing her words carefully. “Are you a bit nervous?”

The Author opened her mouth to deny it, but she sighed instead. “Yeah, a bit. I’m not sure what to do, which is weird. I know you better than anyone.”

“Okay,” Rose said. “Let’s start with why we’re here.”

“Ah, yes.” The Author looked down at her notes. “It appears that some people are confused about interviewing their characters.” The Author glanced at Rose warily for a moment before going back to her notes. “They aren’t quite sure what to do. So we’re doing an interview. As an example.”

“So why are people feelin’ confused?”

The Author didn’t look up from her notes. “I think it’s mostly people just don’t know how to start. People like options and a bit more than loose directions.”

Rose crossed one of her legs over the other at her knees and relaxed back against the chair. “What’s important for authors to know about the interviews?”

“That they’re in control!” The Author said, smiling for the first time since she’d come in. “The authors are in complete control. Their imaginations are the limit. They can interview one character, two… Their characters can interview each other…”

“Characters can interview their authors…”

The Author nodded. “Oh, certainly. We haven’t seen much of that here yet. What authors and characters can do here is like the first page; it can truly give the readers a taste of what they can find in the book.”

“Are there any other important things that authors and characters should know about these interviews?”

The Author frowned for a moment, thinking. Then she said, “The most important thing is to enjoy it, really. Characters and authors don’t usually get a lot of room to play outside the story itself, so it’s an opportunity.”

Rose nodded.

“Of course, if an author or character decides an interview just isn’t for them, then they can always do a guest post of ‘five things you didn’t know about so and so’. ‘So and so’ being one of their characters.

“I think mentioning all of that would just about cover it, don’t you think?” Rose asked. “We have all the things people should know?”

“Oh, definitely.”

“Then I think we’re done.”

The Author looked at Rose for a moment, confused. Then she laughed. “Yes, I think that does it.”

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” Rose asked, grinning.

“No, it wasn’t!” The Author declared happily. “But, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll leave the running of The Plot back in your hands. I have way too much work to do.”

“I understand.”

Rose watched The Author gather her things, push her glasses up her nose once more and wave to Rose as she left. How such a woman like her had created such a woman like Rose, neither would ever know. Then again, their entire relationship was something neither questioned – loving acceptance being the much better alternative.

Sighing, Rose looked at the rest of the pub. Time to clean.

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