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I can understand why I, Rose, would not always be the person you need to talk to in all situations.

If you need to contact my Author, you can email her at jmfictionscribe[at]

You can also leave a comment here with a valid email address and The Author will email you.

  1. Would love the chance to interview my character Dr. Offig. I think it would be not only fascinating and insightful- but very entertaining.


  2. The author is sending you an email.

  3. I would be interested in offering up one of my characters – Dante from Nora’s soul – for an interview.

    Margay1122 (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Thank you, Margay. The Author will be in contact with you soon.

  5. What a great idea. I would love to interview my protagonist… Kate Delacroix of Invisible Snow. How do I get started? Thanks, Rose!

  6. I have several novels published with different publishers with different genre’ and characters from futuristic crime thrillers to science fiction romance novellas to my first self-published dark sci fi adventure Isadora DayStar.

  7. I would like one of the characters from my newly released book, On the Choptank Shores, to be interviewed. Will you contact me, please?

    If you’d like to read about the book first, you can find the synopsis on my WordPress website at

    Thank you!

  8. Hi Rose! My books’ main character, Special Agent Kathrin Night, would probably not like to be interviewed but I think it would be a good way for her to work on her social skills. I’d love for your author to contact me. I think this blog is a great idea! Thanks so much for your time. My Best, K. S. Brooks (ksbrooks(@)

  9. Rose, could you kindly pass on my email to The Author. I’d like to interview feisty Parisian widow Irène Laureux, the main character from Conquering Venus and Remain In Light. Irène’s husband was murdered in 1968 during the student/worker riots and she finally catches up with his killer 30 years later. She spent many years in between as an agoraphobic spying on the hotel guests across from her apartment. Oh, my… does she have stories to tell. 🙂 My email is

  10. Hi Rose, I would like to interview Wrai, the main character from Laying the Odds, although he may not be the world’s most cooperative person, being a bit secretive at times. However, I’m sure I can get an interview out of him if I’m persistent, so if you’d pass that along to The Author, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks.

  11. Mike Angel is a younger than usual private investigator, struggling with commitment to his main love interest, Molly Bennett, and trying to follow in the footsteps of his murdered father, killed on his first case as a PI. Set in the early 1960s in Chicago, mainly. Mike would make a great no-PC, no holds barred, truthful interview.

  12. Hi. I tried to interview one character from my book but the rest jumped in to have their say.

  13. Would love to have my main character, Gasiten Beauchamp, interviewed. He is gorgeous and loves women…and is looking to become an artist in nineteenth century Montmartre, where Impressionism is in full swing. He want to push even further… Gastien Part 1: The Cost of the Dream

  14. My character, Sam Stevenson, is a lawman in a western town, and although he has a rough past, he just wants to keep Saugatuck safe. Maybe if he gives an interview he can help people to see that. Thanks for the opportunity

  15. My characters are all jumping around, volunteering to be interviewed. Mara and Gus (witchy best friends), Aunt Tillie (she’s dead, but she doesn’t let that get in her way) and Lord Grundleshanks the Poisonous Toad. The book is called Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead.

  16. Kayla McKenna is a recovering assassin… anything to take her mind off the fact she’s no longer licensed to kill is a good thing. It would also be nice to find out if her previous target is really in the past or if she’s still harboring a secret crush on him. Dmitri Latsis (the target) would be a fun interview as well, but he’s an arms dealer on the run… he might be hard to pin down. Grandpa McKenna is too inappropriate, but Kayla might have some fun stories to tell about her wacky family. As long as the interview stays on the down-low, I’m sure she’d be willing to answer a few questions.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. I love these kinds of things. I have so many characters! I’d love to have them ‘splain some things to me and other people!
    Assassin Chronicles, et. al.

  18. Would love to my character, Dave Johnson (a.k.a. Powerhouse) interviewed.

  19. The hero of my novel is a Napoleonic Wars era secret agent but he is also a bit of chancer and hedonistic bounder so would probably love the chance to brag and flirt with your readers.

  20. As Fairy Godmother Superior, I would like to explain why I chose to risk my life and Faery itself to bring a woman from Mundane to train her as a fairy godmother. My author’s email is

  21. Erin, episode seven was so good to be able to hear it finally. I have been waiting with fingers crossed for the newest outing of the Clockwork crew and I was NOT disappointed great great work Erin

    WRFR lp/fm Rockland Maine
    Beam Me Up

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